Monday, July 19, 2010


Laura is bewildered by her husband's recent behavior-he seems
detached and physically out of reach. But she holds on to her faith that
Ronnie gets back to his old self and romantacize her just like the good times.
The boat is put back into question.The white, sailing boat, which is named
after her-LAURA-is being considered by her husband to be outdated and
"Why can't we just buy a new boat?," Ronnie reiterates everytime
they're having dinner.
"But it's not within our budget,"Laura pronounces,with her angst
written all over her face."Why can't you be contented with our old boat?"
she pleads in a half-hysteric and half-choleric mode.
End of bickering.
But to Ronnie, he plans to end it all.
So he seeks seclusion in the arms of her dimwitted, blondie mistress;
"I told you so. Don't be so hardheaded. Go get rid of her.And we'll live
merrily ever after in some secluded island, along with our new luxurious
Ronnie reclines to a side of their bed and lights a cigarrete. He fondles
Roxoe's golden hair. Getting rid of someone is easier said than done. Doing
the heartless act is far more convoluted.What if the authorities find out?
But still, Ronnie caresses the nefarious thought on his mind.He'll carry
out the move soon. In the meantime, he has Roxie all to himself tonight.
Together, he and Roxie roll over the bed in splendid and unrestrained
The perfect opportunity transpires when Ronnie invites her unassum-
ing wife to a private dinner in a cozy restaurant. They choose a fine,reclusive
spot in their place at Manitoba, Canada.
Laura is unexpectedly relieved because her husband evades the topic
on boat-selling. Rather, he spills unnecessary sweet things to her,which remind
her of their honeymoon days.
"Sweetheart, I don't want a new boat anymore. All I want is you!"Ronnie
serenades his wife stealthily.
"Oh honey, I never expected a better news other than that!". Laura
states in her usual, womanly whine.
While Ronnie fills his wife's wineglass with poison,she dizzily recounts their
love story-from the time they meet and make love for the first time.Before, she
finishes gobbling her wineglass, she drops on the carpeted floor, and she is
viewed mercifully by the other diners.
In no time at all, her untimely demise spreads in the community like
wildfire. Everyone seems remorseful of her sudden passing, especially her
coworkers at a salon.
Ronnie, however, deliriously blissful at his newfound freedom, instructs the
embalmer to embalm his wife thrice. Yes,EMBALM HIS WIFE THREE TIMES.
Unknown to Ronnie and his kitten of a mistress,the embalmer fails to
enact his job. The embalming machine malfunctions.And he is distracted.Instead
of having the machine fixed, he leaves Laura to her dead body.Anyway, there is
only one day mourning and she is to be buried on the very same day. No one will
After about a few days, Ronnie and Roxie buy their DREAM BOAT.They are
headed to a paradise where they can start a new life together.As they celebrate
in Laura's house, they are agitated by a severe, loud knock on the door.
"Do you mind of we interrupt?",the police officer divulged in a calm,suspicious
"No, not at all. What is it officer?".
"Your wife's corpse is not in her coffin. We tripled-checked it.She has vanished
myteriously.Did you change her tomb?".
Ronnie's mouth falls open. Beside him, Roxi's face drains of all its natural color.