Friday, April 1, 2016


Just turned 42...and already Zelda was thinking about an advisory on Botox and placenta cream. She did not really look her age, in fact, she remained youthful in her early 40's. The one thing that worried her was the building up of worn out wrinkles on her forehead. Next, she would worry about her sagging breasts. Recently, she had her eyeglasses upgraded. And the worst to come was if her ass really disappeared. 
She gently picked up the silver mirror alongside her dresser. As she peeked at every corner of her face, her eyes dropped on her cleavage. If there was one major part of her body that she was proud of, it was her healthy cleavage. She had worn many cleavage-friendly dresses that surely attracted the attention of crowds. And her husband was her biggest fan. 
Zelda parked her car near the fashion store. And as she dragged her keys to her trousers' pocket, she caught a glimpse of a cheerful looking man leaning on a lamppost. He was also wearing dark shades that added mystery to his get up. She offered her most timid smile and started to walk toward the store. 
The stranger of a man blocked her way. And he intentionally brushed his front body against her torso. 
Zelda was pissed. "I can charge you for a minor count of sexual harrassment."
The man jeered and removed his dark glasses. "My name is Jed. And I'm new in town."
Zelda shook his hand reluctantly. "Hi Jed. Perhaps you're also in need of a job."
"As a mater of fact I do. If you can recommend one for me."
She slightly accepted his flirtation. "Why don't you join me for shopping and coffee afterwards?".
"Sure. Who could ever refuse that?".
And that was how their two-year long affair began. 
Her husband Teddy was teasing her on a Monday morning, seducing to massage her back. He even prepared a breakfast-in-bed for her. He always cherished the fact that his wife adored blueberries and butter on her waffles. And a real nice black coffee.
"I'm sorry we ran out of eggs." Teddy said softly, squeezing her bottom.
"Oh Teddy," she murmured. 'I'm not in a mood right now." 
"Last week, you were also not in the mood. A month ago, you were also cranky. Do you need a drop of Viagra?" He asked quite irritatingly. 
Zelda fell asleep.And shut her eyes to the one man who had cared for her lovingly for the past 20 years. 
In her dire opinion, Teddy may not have been the best lover in town. But he was good at cuddling and fondling. But Zelda couldn't dismiss the fact that the slightest touch of Jed's tongue on her upper thigh was enough to take her to a whirlwind pool. 
"Can I have another cheque of $10,000?", Jed was sipping his cigarette, looking afar out from the veranda.
"But I thought you had your car back already!." Zelda was tying up the hook of her bra. 
"I need it for another car dealer. Look, I'll give back the 10 grand to you as soon as I succeed in this  buy and sell business." 
"I warned you last time. You lost 5 grand on a horse betting scheme." Zelda began to put her robe back on."Oh Jed, I am not your ATM for life. My husband is starting to smell something." 
"Give me the 10 grand or I'm out of your fucking dear life!".
Zelda panicked a little and grabbed her checkbook. She signed a cheque hastily."All right. Just be good with this or it will be the last." 
Jed grinned his all knowing boyish grin and threw Zelda on the spring bed. He then gifted her with his greatest making love skill: cunnilingus which drove Zelda to multiple heights of ecstasy. 
Teddy was fumingly and deliriously enraged. At the sight of his clenching fists, Zelda ran for her life and hid herself in a cabinet as she reached the master's bedroom. 
"Get out of there you silly bitch!". Teddy dragged Zelda's arms and spun her onto the floor until she lost balance and banged her chest on the wooden tiles. "What have you done with the $1 million dollars? Where has it gone?".
"I used it for an investment."
"Oh yeah? What kind of investment crap is that?".
"Stocks. You don't have to fret. We will have large financial returns."
"The bank called just the other day informing me of a missing balance of another $500,000!". 
"Cool down Teddy. Remember I have my own inheritance and I can always pay you back." 
"We have a joint account damn it.And you have to honor it." 
Zelda raised her voice at Jed in such a seething way that he almost jerked when she cried her agonies. "My husband has opened an investigation on us!".
"So what do you want me to do?".
"You have to help me recover the cheques." 
"You know I'm a miser."
"Oh you idiot! You have to find some wicked ways to help me get the cash back!".Zelda raised her voice even further. 
"I have to leave town the soonest."
"And then what? Let me fix the whole thing?". Zelda was shaking in anger. 
"You never really loved me." Jed sniffed. "You just used cougar! You used me to fulfill your perversions."
"And what did you expect from shower you with true love?". Zelda mused."I'm very much married and you know that."
Jed smoothed his hair with his fingers."But somehow I felt something for you...I couldn't describe it but I felt something for you." 
Zelda and Jed made love for one last time. It was the sweetest and at the same time the most bitter moment of their lives. They were going to part ways for good in a few minutes. But before each of them could utter the last words of farewell, Teddy barged into the room. He was holding a .45 caliber. 
Zelda pulled the beige sheets up her chest. "No Teddy! Don't do that. You don't understand."
"I do understand my darling wife. Obviously you loathe my bedroom skills too much." 
Jed was at a loss for words. 
Within seconds, five bullet shots were thrown into the air. The last shot was self-inflicted. Teddy decided that they all go to hell together.